It seems as though the fashion lovers of today’s market are all becoming somewhat obsessed with thrift shopping. All the previous trends from the 80s,90s, and even early 2000s are resurfacing: from low rise jeans to juicy couture tracksuits there is no nostalgic look that is unnoticed. That being said, although many brands are making new clothing inspired by earlier decades of fashion, the highest demand is for older and authentic vintage pieces that come from none other than your local thrift store.

The first time I heard about thrifting as a common practice was from You-tuber Emma Chamberlain. If…

It is to everyone’s knowledge that the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM) is a global campaign in an attempt to emphasize the worth and lack of equality of Black people. Their goal is to abolish any systemic racism and to make people come to the common understanding which is love and justice amongst all. That being said, I am zoning in on the talents and god-given gift of some people of color within the fashion world. Not only have certain people of color changed the fashion game altogether, so has the movement.

There are tons of ways to support the…

Being that the 2020 presidential election is all anyone can talk about, it seems appropriate to zone in on the political statement that clothing gives off. Politicians all over the globe use fashion as a way to relay a message and feel as if it is a universal language.

As mentioned in an article by Vogue Arabia, fashion has become more political than ever. Brands are using their platform to support their political views and to portray which political stance they take. …

To keep their cultures alive, indigenous people are holding on to their native style while adding subtle intricacies for a modern twist. Therefore the media has it’s eyes out for this evolvement and is shedding light on this part of the fashion world.

Vogue has been especially in tuned with the indigenous fashion movement and has recently taken part in showing the rest of the world as well. For the Vogue 2020 September issue, the publication team decided to release 100 different covers each having a different indigenous person and their story.

Eighteen year old Denali White Elk modeling for Vogue

Vogue is giving a platform to different types…

Esther Chabbott

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